All-4-Fun 2017: Part 1

I had the pleasure of attending Mile-Hi Jeep Club's 51st annual All-4-Fun event. This year, it was held in Leadville, CO. Leadville sits just above 10,000 feet. It was an awesome event and I'm really happy I went. My Jeep's clutch has been acting funny the past few weeks and I was really concerned about bringing it and for awhile even planned on taking my Toyota Tacoma instead. I decided at the last minute I would take the Jeep, as if the clutch went out there was plenty of tools and people to help.

So on Friday morning, along side my buddies Brian and Ricky, we set out to Colorado. Brian and I stayed in Longmont on Friday and Ricky went to Loveland. We ran some trails on Saturday with some guys from the WAYALIFE forums. Later Saturday we made the last little drive to Leadville. 

The first full day in Leadville I spent downtown exploring the different shops and restaurants. Leadville has an awesome hotel called the Delaware Hotel that I'll talk about later. I also visited the "Leadville Legendary Saloon". It was a cool place to visit but the food and drinks was nothing to write home about, which was a bit disappointing. Everyone at the shops was very nice and one in particular I liked was the antique store. There were some awesome old license plates that I would have bought if the price wasn't so high.

On Monday, I ran my first trail with the All-4-Fun crew. We ended up running Baldwin Lakes and Boulder Mountain. Baldwin lakes was to this day, one of my favorite trails. It was a great mix of technical driving, scenic driving, and outstanding views. Boulder Mountain, on the other hand, was more intense as the shelf roads were narrow and rocky. At times, the trail had quite a bit of negative slope towards the edge, and it was extremely uncomfortable. Never the less, we still had a great time and I'm glad we ran it. Check out some pictures from day 1:

Check back soon for Part 2....