SOLID Axle Covers

One thing I've been concerned about on recent offroad trips, is my axle covers; specifically my Dana 30 (front) axle cover. So I decided to invest in some SOLID axle covers, and while I was at it I put LubeLocker gaskets in. There are many mixed reviews on the LubeLocker, but I have heard a lot more good things than bad. I decided I would give it a shot.. worst case scenario, I take it off and have to go back to good ol' RTV.

The process is fairly simple. Pop the old diff cover off, inspect gears, put new cover on. The one thing I will say, is the SOLID axle cover fluid plug calls for a "H14" hex bit.. I used a 5/16th allen key bit that was made for a 3/8" ratchet. I torqued all the outer bolts to 15ft-lbs in the order LubeLocker tells you, and again to 30ft-lbs. The fluid plug I torqued to 30ft-lbs as well.

I had no problems with clearance on my TJ, however the track bar does come very close. That's something you may want to check if you plan on adding these to your Jeep.

Overall, these covers are great for the price and will put my mind to ease on the trail.